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VA Claims Success - Your Guide To Maximizing Your VA Compensation Benefits (Signed Paperback)

VA Claims Success - Your Guide To Maximizing Your VA Compensation Benefits (Signed Paperback)

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The #1 reason VA disability claims get denied is because veterans and service members aren’t educated on the process; they set themselves up for failure without knowing it. Fortunately, veteran and retired VA rater Dewayne Kimble (retired VA rater) is on a mission to “leave no vet behind.”

VA Claims Success is a concise, easy-to-read book that gives you all the information you need to start, supplement, increase, or appeal your VA claim for disability compensation benefits. With VA-insider tips and secrets, personal claim experience, and years of wisdom educating veterans and service members like you, Dewayne shares plenty of useful information and inspiration to move you in the right direction. You served—it’s time your country served you. Don’t give up!

Dewayne Kimble is a veteran of both the regular U.S. Army and Missouri Army National Guard, a retired VA Rating Veterans Service Representative (RVSR), and founder of KMD89 VA Claims Consulting where he has educated hundreds of veterans and service members on the VA claims process. He holds an MBA from William Woods University and BGS from Southeast Missouri State University.

Helpful Topics Include:

  • BDD (Benefit Delivery at Discharge (Active Duty)
  • The 5 Ways of VA Service-Connection
  • Diagnostic Codes and Rating Percentages
  • Important Regulations
  • Intent to File
  • C & P (Compensation and Pension) Exams
  • My Experience with Evidence and Examinations
  • How to Request your Disability Breakdown Letter (if you are service-connected)
  • Example of a Nexus Letter (to include a medical opinion and rational)
  • Higher Level Review Options
  • Tips and FAQ's
  • and more
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